Objective of the Association

  • This association shall be public oriented and non-profitable.
  • This association shall be social association and it shall not be responsible in any politics.
  • To operate or cause to be operated the skilled, public awareness and employment oriented programs.
  • To operate or cause to be operated the various programs to maintain the Bio-diversity and protection and conservation of Natural Resources, wildlife and birds as they are going on vanishing.
  • To operate or cause to the operated the constructive program for enhancement and development of the women, children, Dalit and backward persons who are backward from financially and socially.
  • To operate or cause to be operated the health and sanitation programs by giving slogan as clean environment and healthy life.
  • To enhance the public awareness program by focusing informal education to render equal opportunity in the education those who have not obtained informal education due to various reason.
  • To identify and management of the development, extension, protection, conservation of the heritage related to tourism, historical, archeological, cultural and religions activities.
  • To conduct the various program with the partnership and co-ordination of Government and Non-Government Association.
  • To assist for enhancement of educational, financial and social life of the local community.
  • To help to the community as affected by natural disaster.
  • To focus on modern Agriculture Technology for the development and extension of Agriculture Sector.
  • The Sherpa Service Center building shall be constructed for the religions festival and other purpose to the Juway peoples if financial support receives from donor agency.
  • To conduct the programs for the protection of cultural activities and to establish the school for the conservation of cultures, customs, fashions and language related to Sherpa's as they are going on vanishing
  • This association welcomes to any foreign donors for financial support and other help and it shall be use in the development of village.
  • The first priority shall be given to the people of Juway, residing of Juway-3 and it shall be extended to other wards and V.D.C. in the days to come.



  • To repair and provide the old and leaking cold water supply.
  • To build a village community hall for everyone to use and benefit from.
  • To provide for religious and cultural teaching by being able to employ a Buddhist Lama for the village.
  • To improve and widen single-track trails and if possible add bridges over rivers.
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Education Project

Education Project

The construction process may vary to the western countries as people may use local tools available in the community. The process is quite simple so volunteers don’t need to have special skills.

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Juving - 3 Solukhumbu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-2190247
Email info@juwayvillage.org

Registered with: Government of Nepal 363/65/66

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