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Education in Nepal, about 70% of the population in Nepal lives in rural areas, the people in these areas face problems of transportation, drinking water, health facilitiesStudents at Juway and lack of education. Education is a priority in Nepal because it is crucial to the country’s development; the role of the government in educational sectors has not been effective. Mostly the budget allocated by the government is spent on the teacher’s wages and there is hardly any money left for the materials and construction works. The condition of the infrastructure is so poor and even unsafe. The improvement is essential for the future of the children who in this competitive era can compete and develop for a better future. Juway Development Project seeks to improve the condition of the School infrastructure by initiating the class room construction projects in the school. The project targets the schools in the rural areas with poor infrastructure. The success of this project lies in the coordination of the volunteers and the local people and building a mutual understanding is also an important part of this project.

The construction process may vary to the western countries as people may use local tools available in the community. The process is quite simple so volunteers don’t need to have special skills. The volunteer will have to carry out activities like digging foundation, mixing sand and cement, plastering, carrying rocks, sand and bricks, fetching water, and painting. Volunteers need to be physically and mentally in shape to work in different weather condition, the construction work may take 2-3 weeks with volunteers working 4-5 hours a day. They will be supported by the skilled Nepali personnel and the local people providing labor for the development of their community. Though previous experience is handy any volunteer without experience can also be a vital part of the project. Overall the project will benefit the children and the schools in a community and help the schools to teach children in an improved and suitable environment. During the volunteering period, volunteers will be staying with local families near from construction project. Therefore if this is something you would like to volunteer for please get in touch via email.

What is the Children’s Program?
We can’t change the whole world but we can change one child’s world. The Children’s Program aims to provide financial support, love and care to needy and orphan children in Nepal. This Program aims to sponsor children from poor families with low incomes, especially those in rural and remote areas, who are unable to send their Books Distribution Programchildren to school and to ensure that they attend school on a regular basis over a long period. The Program selects children who can benefit from education but who are denied the opportunity through lack of financial support. Many children from these families may need to work to provide the money to pay towards their own education for costs not covered by the government; in doing so they may miss classes and lose out on learning and development opportunities.

Who is responsible for the Program?
The Children’s Program is organized and managed by Juway Sherpa serving hands, a non-government organization, based in Kathmandu.

What does the Program aim to do?
The Program is designed to help children through their education and ensure that they maintain their attendance at school in spite of the financial pressures at home. Girls are particularly disadvantaged because family priority in education is given first to sons before daughters. Low income also puts financial pressures on families to arrange marriages for their daughters rather than continue with their education.

Why is sponsorship necessary?
Many children come from poor families, particularly in rural and remote areas of Nepal. Although education to secondary level is funded by the government there are other costs, such as admission and examination fees, stationery, books, and school uniforms. Without sponsorship many families are inclined to send their children to work to earn money to support the family at the expense of their education.

How can I help?
You can make a commitment to sponsor a child through their education.
For the Child Sponcership ProcessSponcer Visit to Juway Village

How much is a sponsorship contribution?
The sponsorship commitment is as per you wish – giving hope to a child’s dreams and providing a way for them to lift themselves out of poverty.

Can I choose who to sponsor?
You can choose to sponsor any of children or we can choose someone for you to sponsor to help make their life better and their future more secure. Simply complete the form and we will be happy to select a child for you to sponsor and mail your sponsored child’s profile, photo and other important information to you.

How will children receive the sponsorship support?
Through the member of Juway Sherpa serving hands the sponsorship money is passed directly to the children’s school or to their parents directly as per your requirement. The school monitors the situation carefully to ensure that the money is spent appropriately, on books, school uniform etc.

Will I receive information about how my sponsorship is working?
Dudh Koshi Secondari ScoolYou will receive your sponsored child’s profile, photo and other important information annually. You will also receive regular reports of their progress from the school. In addition, you can contact the child direct to keep in touch with them and ask about their progress.


  • To repair and provide the old and leaking cold water supply.
  • To build a village community hall for everyone to use and benefit from.
  • To provide for religious and cultural teaching by being able to employ a Buddhist Lama for the village.
  • To improve and widen single-track trails and if possible add bridges over rivers.
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Education Project

Education Project

The construction process may vary to the western countries as people may use local tools available in the community. The process is quite simple so volunteers don’t need to have special skills.

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