Current project in Juway Village

Firstly we would like to state our wholehearted appreciation to all our donors for their great support and contribution provided to our organization M/S JUWAY SHERPA SERVING HANDS. We are really grateful for the trust shown to us and we assure you that we will do our best.

In the meeting held on 2009 between the member  of the Juway Sherpa serving hands and the people of Juway village regarding the necessary  programme to be conducted, we outlined our various programmers’/projects requiring us to work in the initial stages, in the near future we will extend our plan and programme  to other sectors also, all are listed below:

From our starting phase  we had been performing various work in the field related to education, for example we are providing sponsorship to some of the children of the village who’s financial position are weak and also creating awareness regarding the education importance by communicating and monitoring the village children's progress individually, our aim being for every child of the village to get a chance to learn. See More

2.Community Hall
In Juway village, more than 450 people live including children. The size of the houses are small just enough for their personal use and for storing the crops they grow, therefore when they have any occasion like festivals, weddings or funeral worship, the villagers houses are seen to be too small to fit everyone, because of this reason we decided to construct a community hall big enough to hold the total population of Juway village.

As we all are aware without funds none of the projects could be carried out or completed. We started collecting funds through donations with our friends and family who lives in Nepal or outside Nepal. In May 2012 we began the building construction and which took about  3 months for 20 builders and finally we were able to bring the building to current shape. The building is 20 meter in length, 7 meter in breath and 7 meter height. The building has three doors and 7 windows and is capable of holding more than 400 hundred people.

Initially the outer contraction of building only had been completed. The internal construction like flooring, coloring, etc has been not yet done due to lack of fund. We are trying our best for completing the project as soon as possible.


  • To repair and provide the old and leaking cold water supply.
  • To build a village community hall for everyone to use and benefit from.
  • To provide for religious and cultural teaching by being able to employ a Buddhist Lama for the village.
  • To improve and widen single-track trails and if possible add bridges over rivers.
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Education Project

Education Project

The construction process may vary to the western countries as people may use local tools available in the community. The process is quite simple so volunteers don’t need to have special skills.

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