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Juway is a Sherpa village of some 400 people including children, located in the Everest region of Nepal, 6500 ft. above sea level. Although this region is very popular with tourists many villages including Juway are not situated on the main routes and therefore do not benefit from tourism. There are no roads in this region and travel is by footpath only. The villagers all Sherpa people are part of a very close community, a community where everyone knows each other by name, families having known each other through generations.


Only primary level education is available in the village, and then not every child is able to attend. At this time there is a 9kw electric power plant, allowing for up to three light bulbs and one low demand outlet in each home. This electric plant was built and supplied by the Moving Mountain Trust based in Belfast, UK. in 2004, bringing electricity to the village for the first time Farming is the main occupation in Juway; this is done in an environment that can at times be harsh.


The main crop is potato, as the altitude is too high to sustain rice. Other crops grown are carrots, soya, cabbage, herbs and a variety other minor crops. The crops are mainly used to feed the population of the village, except for the potatoes which are sold to lower altitude villages. Therefore the only way to earn any income is to temporarily or permanently leave the village often for Katmandu or even to go abroad.


So what is the Development Project, where did it come from and why is it needed: It is the inspiration of a group of 8 people from the village who have all on a temporary basis moved away to find education and work. Some of them have been helped and have been given opportunities through foreign support. Amazingly all of them are young, predominantly in their twenties. The objective is to use their knowledge and experience to improve the quality of life in their village, and open up opportunities for others in their home community.


  • To repair and provide the old and leaking cold water supply.
  • To build a village community hall for everyone to use and benefit from.
  • To provide for religious and cultural teaching by being able to employ a Buddhist Lama for the village.
  • To improve and widen single-track trails and if possible add bridges over rivers.
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Education Project

Education Project

The construction process may vary to the western countries as people may use local tools available in the community. The process is quite simple so volunteers don’t need to have special skills.

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Juving - 3 Solukhumbu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-2190247
Email info@juwayvillage.org

Registered with: Government of Nepal 363/65/66

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